roxy + company was founded by Roxanne Gordon, Ethan Primason, and Dexter Dine. The goal of the company is to create complete collaborations between sound and movement. 

As a choreographer, movement is used to communicate the ineffable. It unravels the structures that we all meticulously create, and peels away superficial layers of intellectualism and projected meaning. It looks at raw feeling and instinctual reaction. It shapes the nothingness that would otherwise exist. It is how we have a shape and a something.

Sound works in the same way. Our world exists because of the forces that go unnoticed, that are inherent to our everyday lives. Gravity, echo, and the ground are examples of tools that we use every day as springboards for our existence. It is only when we look closely at these hidden things that we can start to understand how to create a new reality that mirrors the real world. What the pieces of our world are that are essential but insignificant until you need to understand them. Gravity is a perfect example of this. We are aware of its role but in our everyday existence it goes unnoticed. Even when we fall or spill something, we don’t then point to what happened and blame gravity. It just exists. We don't spend our days fascinated by the fact that every step we take is tied inextricably with corresponding noises.


So this is what we do, we explore these ideas of movement and sound as one in the same. We want to understand the world that we live in and try and understand the systems of movement and sound and then build a new reality in our work. How can we first disrupt the audience's conception of sound and movement or their notion of what ties them together or what the relationship is. And then once there is no pattern there is not intellectualism and answer the audience then is forced to be immersed in a reality that does not isolate the two but fuses them totally and wholly together.