choreographed by Roxanne Gordon

Sound Design by Ethan Primason and Dexter Dine

Performed by Bree Breeden and Sarah Eighorn

Performed in embodied spaces: a choreography festival at Alchemical Theater Laboratory

Embody was presented as part of a larger choreography fetival produced and curated by Roxanne Gordon. “Embody” is colaborative contact duet between two female dancers that explores the bond and intimacy of female identity. This work seeks to specifically dismantle the female identity by subverting the assumptions that are made about the bodies which are presented to us. The movement, which is entirely informed by unbroken contact is inspired by the process of untangling, set within a score composed by two musicians who work within a framework of reactive and responsive multi-instrumental improvisation. This work explores the relationship and dialogue of kinetic possibilities between two women in contact, testing the boundaries and limitation of individual bodies and the strength and support found when these boundaries are blurred and dissolved. Together, these two mediums overwhelm the viewers’ senses, creating a fully immersive environment where the exploration of space and identity is extended onto the perspective of the viewer.