Liminal Space: a moving gallery

June 8 & 9 , 2017 Rockwall Studios Ridgewood,Queens Choreographed by Roxanne Gordon, Sound Design by Ethan Primason and Dexter Dine, Performed by Eden Deering, Lucia Knell and Roxanne Gordon

Liminal Space is a durational work that incorporates live stop motion animation, live sound and movement into a moving gallery that unfolds over the course of an hour. We aim to create a shared and organic space which is transient in its physical nature, but strives to activate critical perspectives on how we create and value the meaning of our daily practice and environment. Our collaboration is founded on an effort to create a liminal space in which rules of engagement, time and space are newly defined, allowing for everyone-audience, dancer, illustrator, musician-to interact within it. 

excerpt of second half of performance

filmed by: Peter Perigrine