Maddie Schimmel and Sarah Allwine

Bringing Performance to Life

Maddie Schimmel has presented work at Triskelion Arts, Dixon Place, ROULETTE Intermedium, and the NYU Tisch Dance Jack Crystal Theatre.

Sarah Allwine: My Dad would get mad at me when I would refer to my Mom as "She" when we were fighting. "Sarah," he would say, "She is not a she, she's your Mother". I guess I thought they weren't mutually exclusive.

This is not the body. The dismantled frame- deconstructed. Identify the facets and mark your barriers clearly. Run your fingers along the seams. Remember- imagine- the image you are creating-

Find the parallel planes and fold along each connection. Connect the joints that match- adhere, attach and replicate.

Build. Assemble. Objectify the planes- create the volume. repeat and fold and hide the seams, replicate the form- create the object- this is not the body.