Lu Shirley Dai was born and raised in China. She attended Barnard College in New York City where she studied Art History and Dance. As an artist, Shirley is actively making work that explores the intersection between visual art practice and dance practice. Her choreography develops from an interdisciplinary creative process that involves mapping, architectural planning, photography taking, improvising and imaginary thinking. Recent works include: Becoming __ (2018), a solo work that blurs the difference between traditional Chinese culture and Western Postmodern dance culture and questions the possibility of self-unification. Cross Pacific Drifting Rose Quartz (2017), a piece that requires a bird’s-eye view perspective and explores elements of time, space, light and color. UN | SEEN (2016), an evening-length project that initiates from a movement investigation in space and expands its form with the integration of photographic media through projection mapping, creating a dynamic visualization of space and physicality. Shirley is currently a second-year student in MFA in Dance program at Sarah Lawrence College. She has also been a guide and educator at Dia Art Foundation since January, 2017.