Yoga Classes in Quarantine:

Roxy will be offering free/donation based yoga classes through zoom. Each week the schedule changes slightly but below are the classes descriptions for what she offers.

Morning Flow: This flow offers a morning practice that focuses on waking up the muscles throughout the body and building some heat to continue waking ourselves up. All levels.

Power Flow: This class offers each student a sweaty and action packed flow. It is an open level class and provides options for people that are looking for more foundational poses but want to build some heat AND this class has more advanced options for people wanting a sweaty and complex flow.

Stretchy Flow: This class focuses less on heat and more on stretch the body out. We will work through deep stretches that have us move but also have us work with deepening and lengthening muscles through breath.

Slow Down Flow: This class adds a bit of a sensual take onto our heated flows. It sequences us through stronger poses and then into our stretchier poses. A deeper focus on breath and a focus on slowing down while still building heat.

Yoga Basics: This class focuses on moving through foundational yoga poses. We will still be flowing but taking more time to understand these basic poses and what they do for us anatomically.

Specialty Classes

Sexy Yoga Flow: This weekly class offers us a yoga/dance flow that focuses on sensuality and finding new ways of being in your body . I like to think sex is the combination of playful and sensual and in this class we use an upbeat platlplaylist to play with our pelvis, shaking our hips, and touching our own bodies.